SAFEX Safety Alerts

SAFEX is a learning organisation which EFEE are proud to be associated with. Their aim is to share learning to prevent unwanted explosives incidents (an unplanned event or near-event which has potential for harm. Included below is an archive of Safety Bulletins issued by SAFEX.

  • NoticCBD Propellant Ignition

  • SAFEX Safety Bulletin – December 2021

  • Fatality Alert for Mountaineer II Mine

  • Ignition of fuel-air mixture from mobile processing unit discharge auger

  • Scaffolding Incident – New South Wales

  • Explosion of Corroded Fire Extinguisher

  • Loss of a trailer loaded with detonators.

  • Flyrock Incident

  • Explosives Incident at an Underground Mine

  • Sinking of a MEMU-truck

  • Flyrock from Blasting Activities (NSW Resources Regulator)

  • Conveyor Belt Fatality