Welcome to EFEE
EFEE is a membership organisation with the aim to educate, unify and improve working standards and the blasting and explosives industry across Europe. EFEE has representation across 56 countries and committees that directly influence EU directives, shot firing and environmental impacts. As an EFEE member you will join industry experts from throughout Europe to gain international network of professionals, share knowledge, learn best practices, improve standards and develop the field of explosives engineers.

Membership Benefits

Specialist Information

Members of EFEE have exclusive access to an online library of past conference proceedings covering topics such as: Blast Design Management Blast Vibration and Seismology Blasting Work Experiences Construction, Mining & Quarrying (Blasting) Demolition Blasting EU Directives & Harmonisation Work Explosive Detection for Security Health, Safety & Environment New Applications and Training Technical Development In […]

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EFEE Membership Subscription

To help support our membership during the COVID 19 pandemic the EFEE Board has taken the decision to freeze membership subscriptions. If you have any queries surrounding your membership renewal please contact info@efee.eu

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Exclusive Membership Benefits

Network Access to connect with a network of professional explosives engineers includingindustry experts, corporate colleagues and advisors. Information and possibilities to influence the EU shot firing procedures and attending standing committees like EU-directives, Environmental and more. Online Tools Online access to a library of previous conference proceedings with papers covering: – Blast Design Management– Blast […]

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Latest News

Photo Competition

We are delighted to present the first EFEE industry photograph competition. This is your chance to have your work in the field recognised with the bonus of the possibility of winning a free place at our next World Conference in Maastricht from 15th – 17th May 2022. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, 31st August […]

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EFEE September Newsletter

We’re excited to bring you our September newsletter which is available to view using the button below. This exciting edition includes: The President’s Voice Explosion disaster in Beirut Detonation characteristics of a NOx-free mining explosive based on sensitized mixtures of low concentration hydrogen peroxide and fuel A guide to the use of Relevant Good Practice […]

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NEW EFEE Project Regarding Harmonization

With this project called PECCS – Pan European Competency Certificate for Shot firer/blast designers, EFEE’s (European Federation of Explosive Engineers) aim is to create a course, according to the valid European Shot firer Requirements, for a standardised assessment of technical competencies for the shot firer / blast designer profession in European Union. The Course will […]

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EFEE World Conferences

One the goals of the European Federation of Explosives Engineers is to provide a European forum for professionals working in the field of explosives techniques in rock and to help facilitate this we organisation World Conferences on Explosives and Blasting.

This unique event draws attention from explosives users, manufacturers and drilling equipment operators as well as researchers and professionals involved in the construction and mining industry.

So far following conferences have been held in Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, France, Sweden and Finland. 

Our 11th EFEE World Conference will be held in Maastricht, Netherlands, from 26th – 28th September 2021.

See our conference page for further details.